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Training Days

Learn to train your dog

The Potomac Chapter hosts a formal training day typically on the first Saturday of each month from March through September at the McKee-Beshers WMA (see the Contact page for details of the location).  Training starts at 8AM and we meet at the 1st parking lot on Sycamore Landing Road in the McKee-Besher WMA, Poolesville MD. 

Click Here for Directions


Check the Calendar for details and to confirm dates and times.  

The aim of the training days is to help each chapter member learn how to train his/her dog.   Training days are run by the Chapter members, not professional trainers, and members will not train your dog for you.  However, our members do have a wealth of experience and knowledge.  The key thing to remember for new members is to pitch in and help out.  The best way to learn is to follow behind in the field or help another member train their dog.  

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Time in the field or on the water is on a first come, first serve basis.  Once you have trained your dog please stay and help others.  Birds are not provided by the Chapter, but please see one of the committee members for details of where you can order birds and options for housing them if required.

A Few Rules

Please follow these rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable training day

  • All members in the field where live ammunition is being fired must wear blaze orange (e.g. hat or vest)

  • All MD regulations apply - see below

  • Dispose of all dead birds and trash properly - all trash should be removed from the site at the end of training

  • Keep your dogs on a leash or in a kennel when not training 

  • Only approved gunners are permitted to shoot live rounds during training sessions

  • In consideration of other trainers, please keep your field and water sessions short and productive

  • Vehicles and ATVs may not be driven on any fields

  • Maintain an active membership in NAVHDA International and in the Potomac Chapter

  • McKee-Beshers WMA is a public use area. Keep in mind that we share these grounds with others (hunters, hikers, fishermen, bird watchers, etc.) some of who are non-hunters.  Respect others. 

Comprehensive Training Day Guidelines can be found HERE

Maryland Regulations

All Maryland regulations apply.  Note that a MD Retriever Dog Training Permit ($5) is required to shoot pen-reared quail, chukar, pheasants and mallard ducks for training dogs.  If the birds are held for more than 48 hours, a Game Husbandry Permit is also required.  Hunting licenses and Retriever Dog Training Permits can be obtained from any DNR Sport License Agent or by phone, mail or online (   MD licenses and Retriever Dog Training Permits are valid from Aug 1st to Jul 31st of each year.

What to Bring - Training Day Checklist

Click HERE to download our Training Day Checklist containing essential and optional gear for you and your dog.

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